1 40 years are a long time, even in a historical context. The history of the Auguszt family reaches back exactly this long, four generations. The confectionery expertise gathered and perfected by the family is a heritage that we consider our most important task to nurture in the present. Past successes and failures ripened 140 years of philosophy: our commitment to quality confectionery.

Besides keeping traditions, we lay great emphasis on improving our knowledge, taking new tracks, experimenting with new methods and ingredients and yet constantly insisting on the highest quality expectations. We can only see our future as an extension of our past and we could never imagine stronger basis for it than our own heritage.

The secret behind the Auguszt confectionery lies in the knowledge accumulated by five generations of pastry cooks, in the professional handling, in the precise proportions and in the outstanding quality of the ingredients. Working in the kitchen from an early age, the youngest members of the Auguszt family can acquire first hand knowledge of the finesse of confectionery. Therefore, the profession passed over from generation to generation results in dedicated confectioners brought up in the most inspiring environment. When it comes to preserving ancient recipes and making traditional confectionery, handcraft, attention to details and fine circumstances such as the temperature of ingredients play a major part in the quality of the final product.

Traditional recipes can be adjusted to today's taste and to changing culinary habits, while perfectly preserving their original flavour.

Guests entering our confectionery often ask us to reveal the secret of our products' refined taste. Each time we can only reply that the essence of our confectioneries' recipes lies in the long years of skilled pastry work and the careful selection of ingredients. The basis of the success of our confectionery is keeping this secret - the craftsmanship of the profession - alive.

Besides our confectioneries you can discover the history of the Auguszt family dating back to more than 140 years.
V isit us, take a look at our range and ask for our advice regarding the confectionery. Everyone at the Fény street Auguszt confectionery works on that all our clients receive personal and quality service. Our products are created fresh, daily, using seasonal ingredients. Besides our regular offer we prepare specialities for our clients on weekends. By visiting us in person you can place your custom orders and also have an appointment on creating a unique wedding cake. You can purchase the spices and ingredients we use, the teas and coffees we serve at our cafe and publications about the past of our family at our confectionery. On request we compile unique selections for individuals or companies for Christmas or other special occasions. We await our dear customers on the same location since 1957.

Wellcome in Auguszt Patisserie! Take a tour in our fine world! „Good, but it can always be better.” /Elemér Auguszt/
I n 2003 the Fény street Auguszt confectionery expanded with a cafe. Sunshine pours through the windows stretching upwards on the first floor, where you can enjoy your confectionery and try our coffees or teas in a perfect ambiance. These products can also be purchased on the entrance floor for takeaway. The guarantee of outstanding quality of the confectionery served relies on hard work, innovation and the desire inherited from our predecessors to always do better. For reservation please get in touch with us on one of our contacts. Our halls can be rented for smaller events or family gatherings for a maximum of 40 people. For further details, please get in touch with us in person at our store where you can also place your unique order for catering that will perfectly suit the occasion and your needs. We are happy to help you.

„Order is the soul of everything.”  / Vilma Augusztné, born Vilma Helvei /
E njoy our confectionery outdoors. In 2010 the Fény street Auguszt confectionery expanded with a shady garden, which awaits its dear guests seasonally - between May and October - with the same opening hours as the pastry shop. Try our confectioneries, coffees, teas and refreshing drinks under green leaves, in the quiet, cobblestone garden. Experience the buzz of a cafe at one of our outdoor tables. Our garden can be reserved for smaller events or family gatherings. Please let us know if you are interested in person at our store, where you can also place your special catering order. You are warmly welcome at Fény street.

„The masses are just greedy, not demanding. You should stay modest and ambitious.”  / Sándor Márai, writer /
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BISCUIT Tender butter biscuit chocolate or vanilla flavour.
LEMON DROP Poppyseed sponge cake with lemon cream.
MACARON The famous French pastry, available in different flavours.
"RÁKÓCZI" COTTAGE CHEESE CAKE With meringue and cottage cheese.
SWEET COOKIES Prepared in a traditional way, available in different varieties.
SPONGE CAKE ROLL Filled with home made apricot jam.
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ESTERHÁZY CAKE Traditional Hungarian walnut cake with vanilla cream.
SACHER CAKE The famous Vienna style chocolate cake with homemade apricot jam.
CREAMY CHESNUT CAKE Chocolate sponge cake filled with chestnut cream.
COTTAGE CHEESE CAKE With creamed cottage cheese and fresh fruits.

SPANISH ALMOND CAKE Layered with almond cream, meringue and marzipan.
DOBOS CAKE The most famous Hungarian chocolate cake with crispy caramel glaze.

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SAJTOS HASÉ Puff pastry bites with cheese.
SONKÁS HASÉ Puff pastry bites with ham.
SALTY SNACK WITH CHEESE AND CARAWAY SEEDS Thin, flaky sticks sprinkled with grated cheese and caraway seeds.
SPENÓTOS HASÉ Puff pastry bites with spinach and sesame seeds.
SALTY SNACK WITH MIXED SEEDS AND CHEESE Sprinkled with a mix of sesame, sunflower, pumpkin seeds and cheese.
SALTY SNACK WITH ALMONDS Light butter puff pastry with almonds and cheese.
A rendelését sikeresen regisztráltuk!
Kérjük rendelését akkor tekintse elfogadottnak, ha valamilyen módon visszaigazoltuk.
Order from our range by phone, e-mail or via our website. If you do not know our confectionery selection yet, you are warmly welcome at our store. We are happy to create your personal ideas, wedding or other unique cakes or marzipan figures. For a personal appointment, please get in touch with us at the following phone number: +36 1 316 3817.

To avoid any technical problems, please only consider your order processed if you receive confirmation at one of the contacts you provided during the ordering process. Otherwise please get in touch with us once more.
PHONE: +36 / 1 / 316 3817
E-MAIL: auguszt@t-online.hu
Monday:....................................................CLOSED Tuesday: ................................................10am - 6pm Wednesday:.............................................10am - 6pm Thursday:...............................................10am - 6pm Friday:..................................................10am - 6pm Saturday:................................................9am - 6pm Sunday:....................................................CLOSED
The Fény street Auguszt confectionery is closed for several days following New Year's Eve
and the Easter holidays. The confectionery is closed every year between 15 July and 20 August.
Who likes to create pastries and cakes using traditional technologies and recipes.
Who finds pleasure in making other people happy.
Who loves sweets.
Who is able and willing to tastefully decorate confectionery prepared with traditional technology.
Who considers creating good flavors and delicacies a mission in life and proud to have chosen confectionery as a profession.
Who can and likes to get up early.
Who can endure the radiant heat (working next to an oven).
Who is not afraid but happy to change from routinely creating a confectionery to preparing a new product.
Who helps a colleague when he/she has more work to do.
Who loves and keeps order around himself/herself.
Who loves neatness and keeping it.
Who is willing to transfer his/her knowledge to someone else.
Who has a good dexterity.
Who is in good physical shape.
C onfectionery is hard manual work. We do not want to discourage anyone from choosing pastry as a career, since those of weaker physique can also make their way in a workshop where tasks can be shared. If you would like to work or learn at us, please send your CV to our e-mail address. We do not organize cooking or baking courses and we can only deal with students who are determined to spend at least two years at us. We are happy to pass the knowledge to the next generation at our confectionery.

Corporate responsibility. We are happy to pass the knowledge to the next generation at our confectionery, where dedicated young people can not only learn the profession but we also set an example of humanity and proper behavior.
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